Federico Innocenti Associate Professor, Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics Associate Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy. Post-graduate School of Oncology, magna cum laude, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy (eligible to practice as an oncologist in Europe) (2002 – 2006) Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Chemotherapy [dissertation title: Pharmacogenomic studies on UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) in cancer chemotherapy]. University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy (1999 – 2002) Post-graduate School of Clinical Pharmacology, magna cum laude, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy. Equivalent to USA board-certified Clinical Pharmacologist (1994 – 1998) M.D., magna cum laude, School of Medicine, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy (dissertation title: Experimental pharmacokinetics and cytotoxicity of paclitaxel) (1986 – 1993) Associate Professor with Permanent Tenure, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics, Chapel Hill, NC (December 2014 – present) Associate Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC (2013 – present) Current funding: Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation – Translation of genomic data into biomarkers in patients enrolled in CALGB/SWOG C80405 Study. Innocenti F (PI) (6/10/15 – 6/9/17) $623,875 Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation – Analysis of biospecimens from the CALGB/SWOG C80405 Study. Innocenti F (PI) (2/17/15 – 2/16/17) $254,095 NIH/NCI/UM1 CA186704-02. Experimental Therapeutics-Clinical Trials Network with Phase 1 Emphasis (ET-CTN). Dees C, Hurwitz H (Co-PIs). Innocenti F (Co-I) (4/1/14 – 2/28/19) 1% salary recovery NIH/NCI/2P01 CA142538-06. Statistical methods for cancer clinical trials. Kosorok M (PI). Innocenti F (Co-I) (4/1/15 – 3/31/20) 4.6% salary recovery NIH/2R01 GM047845-25. Semiparametric Analysis of Censored Data in Current Medical Studies. Lin D (PI). Innocenti F (Co-I) 5% salary recovery    
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