Georges Dagher Director, National infrastructutre for biobanks, BIOBANQUES, Inserm US13, INSERM, Paris Senior investigator (‘Directeur de Recherche’) at INSERM (Paris) accomplished most of his career in pathophysiological and clinical research at Necker Hospital (1979-1984), College de France (1985-1993) and Faculty of medicine Broussais-Hotel Dieu (1994-2004). He is currently the Director of BIOBANQUES infrastructure, a French infrastructure that regroups 84 biobanks and the Vice Chair of BBMRI-ERIC a pan European infrastructure that regroups more than 250 biobanks. Georges Dagher published more than 90 papers in international peer-reviewed journals on hypertension, arterial hypertrophy, obesity and lipid metabolism, manic depression, renal physiology and transmembrane ion transport (h-index 20). He is an active participant of several FP7 funded projects (BBMRI, EUCELLEX, BIOSHARE, BBMRI-LPC). He contributed to the OECD best practice guidelines for biological resource centres and the OECD guidelines on human biobanks and genetic databases. He is involved in organising and evaluating clinical research infrastructures, translational research calls and a number of expert committees focusing on the issues related to biobanks within Europe and internationally. He participated in the elaboration of the French norm for biobanks NF S96-900 and is a member of the AFNOR normalisation committee. He coordinated the implementation of quality management in French biobanks. He is a delegate of several French institutions to European and international committees or meetings (OECD, ESF, ERA, ALLEA, EASAC…). He was also a member of the INSERM ethics committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  
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