Our objectives are:
  • To combine data from multiple cohorts in order to identify VEGF ‘-omics’ profiling in health and non-communicable diseases
  • To elucidate the pivotal role of VEGF in the pathophysiology of non-communicable diseases
  • To demonstrate the patients’ stratification potential of VEGF ‘-omics’ profiling
  • To implement the research results into clinical practice and establish the role of VEGF as a predictive, preventive, diagnostic and prognostic biomarker
  • To provide information on the effect of VEGF ‘-omics’ profiling in side effects and response to therapy through pharmacogenomics studies
  • To propose implementation strategies and European guidelines involving VEGF ‘-omics’ profiling for the management of non-communicable diseases
  • To share methodologies, data and knowledge in the field of ‘-omics’ management and innovative statistics
To develop standardized teaching and evaluation methods practiced and validated by the Consortium